Cyber Security Risks Assessment

Dark Web Scan Assessment

As CEO of an Alaskan business, Do You Safeguard Your Company’s Data And Your Customer’s Private Information


State of Alaska Division of Public Assistance and Health Department, GCI, Alaska Airlines or Mat-Su Borough and other organizations that dedicate extensive resources to battle cyber intrusions?

It is pretty hard to answer “Yes” to this question. But even if the answer is “No” we are here to help you!

DanTech Services is offering a Cyber Security Risks Assessment For Business Owners in Alaska.

Your Report will include the following information about Compromise and Source Types.

Compromise Type: Bot, Data Dump, Dox, Key logged, Phished, Accidental Exposure, Breach, Tested;

Source Type: Chatroom, Cutwail, File Sharing, C2 Server, Asprox, ID Theft Forum;

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